LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator

LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator

The LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator is the standard in emergency care for advanced care teams who want the most clinically innovative, operationally effective, and LIFEPAK TOUGH™ device available today.

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The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator delivers.

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Lifepak 15 – The Professionals Choice
Used by EMS services around the world, the Lifepak 15 is for trained professionals.

Options to suit your needs.
Pricing varies depending on your specifications, with options including 12 Lead ECG, SPo2, NIBP, Bluetooth, Carbon Monoxide, Trending and more.

Setting The Standard For Generations
Physio-Control defibrillators have set the standard for over 55 years, and the enhanced LIFEPAK  15 monitor/defibrillator raises the bar. As our most advanced emergency response monitor/
defibrillator, the LIFEPAK 15 device balances sophisticated clinical technologies and supreme ease of use in a device that’s tough enough to stand up to your most challenging environments.

Evolving from its original platform, the 15 adds new features — temperature monitoring and external power—to complement existing features which include 360J energy and 12-lead ECG transmission. And that means your team can be even more effective.

A LIFEPAK device never stands on its own—and the LIFEPAK 15 monitor is no different. Physio-Control is committed to providing innovative solutions for emergency response care, from first responders to throughout the hospital.

Advanced monitoring parameters
The 15 gives you more monitoring capabilities than any other device. Noninvasive monitoring of carbon monoxide, SpO , and methemoglobin (related to certain chemical exposures and drugs) offered by Masimo Rainbow  Technology helps you detect hard-to-diagnose conditions and improve patient care. In addition, the 15 now offers temperature monitoring—and like other data, you can transmit it to other systems, trend it, or display for post-event review in CODE-STAT™ software.

Advanced support for treating cardiac patients
The 15 continuously monitors all 12-leads in the background and alerts you to changes using the ST-Segment trend monitoring feature, after acquiring the initial 12-lead. Additionally, STJ values are now included on the 12-lead printout to help you identify changes. The 15 also works seamlessly with the web-based LIFENET System 5.0, so you can automatically share critical patient data with multiple patient care teams.

Full energy up to 360 joules, for every patient who needs it
The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator features 360J biphasic technology, which gives you the option of escalating your energy dose up to 360J for difficult-to-defibrillate patients. Why is this necessary? Recent studies have shown that refibrillation is common among VF cardiac arrest patients and that defibrillation of recurring episodes of VF is increasingly difficult. Another recent randomized controlled clinical trial shows the rate of VF termination was higher with
an escalating higher energy regimen of 200J and over.

Proven CPR guidance and post event review
The CPR Metronome in the LIFEPAK 15 monitor uses audible prompts to guide you without distracting vocal critique. A metronome has been a feature that has been demonstrated to help professionals perform compressions and ventilations within the recommended range of the 2010 ERC Guidelines. Post-event review of CPR data and delivering feedback to the team has been shown to be effective in improving CPR quality in both hospital and out-of-hospital.   And by transmitting code data directly to CODE-STAT Data Review software, EMS personnel can review CPR statistics and provide training and feedback where it is most needed.


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