Quick Release Tourniquet

Quick Release Tourniquet

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These quick release tourniquets have a “non pinch” action

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Quick Release Tourniquet

Quick Release Tourniquet have a “non pinch” action.Maybe quickly applied and removed without discomfort to the patient
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A tourniquet is a constricting or compressing device, specifically a bandage, used to control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity for a period of time. Pressure is applied circumferentially upon the skin and underlying tissues of a limb; this pressure is transferred to the walls of vessels, causing them to become temporarily occluded. It is generally used as a tool for a medical professional in applications such as cannulation or to stem the flow of traumatic bleeding, especially by military medics. The tourniquet is usually applied when the patient is in a life-threatening state as a result of continuous bleeding.

A stick, a baton or any other elongated but inelastic object is used to support the tourniquet by first tying the stick to the tourniquet. The stick is then twisted to tighten the tourniquet until the bleeding comes to a halt. This is a traditional device which an individual can employ when experiencing a very serious threat. To further improve this device, modern tourniquet systems have been employed for use

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