Burnshield Sachet 3.5ml

Burnshield Sachet 3.5ml

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  • Immediate effective treatment  – soothing, cooling relief for burns, scalds and sunburns.
  • Provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage.
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Burnshield Sachet 3.5ml

Available  in single packet or pack of 10

Burnshield Sachet 3.5ml Single – This easy-to-use sachet provides immediate, effective treatment for minor burns, scalds and sunburn. The Burnshield sachet cools, soothes and moisturises the burn area and provides instant relief for the pain caused by a burn or scald. The Burnshield hydrogel sachet is a handy sized pack designed to immediately cool and protect a burn or other heat stress injury. The cooling gel prevents air from penetrating the burn, which considerably reduces pain as the exposed nerve endings are covered and air does not move over them. Its unique hydrogel formulation is designed to relieve pain by cooling the burn injury, stopping the burning process and helping to minimise the depth of the burn wound. A minor burn can occur at any time, so this handy light-weight sachet makes it easy to carry an emergency burn care treatment with you, at any time.

The sachet is an affordable first-aid essential, ideal for any kitchen or travel sized first-aid kit. Its specially formulated Hydrogel is non-toxic and non-irritant and the treatment is easy to apply, non-adhesive and safe and suitable for use on children. One of Burnshield hydrogel’s active ingredients is tea tree oil, which is an extremely powerful and effective essential oil that can be used as an excellent remedy, not only to soothe and relieve burns but also to prevent a burn from getting infected – something that can occur in even the most minor first degree burns.

Easy-to-apply Burnshield Sachet 3.5ml single

• Can be applied directly to a burn and is
• Cools, soothes, moisturises eases pain fast
• Anti-bacterial properties protect against infection
• Safe and suitable for use on children.
• Burnshield Hydrgel Sachet applied directly to a burn
• Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns – including scalds and facial burns
• Moisturises the burn area and eases pain
• Anti-bacterial properties protect against infection
• Minimises trauma and skin damage
• Non-adherent – easily washed off with cool water or saline solution- does not cause pain or discomfort when removed from wound
• Contains natural active ingredients (tea tree oil, water & emulsifiers) to relieve pain fast
• Size: 3.5ml sachet


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