Clinical Thermometers

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    Braun thermoscan probe covers PC200

    Braun Theroscan Probe Covers - 20 per pack or Box of 200 or box of 800
    £1.92£76.72 exc VAT
    £1.92£76.72 exc VAT Quickview
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    Tempa Dot Single use thermometer – Pack of 100

    The Tempa•DOT™ AX is an Axillary, Single-Use Clinical Thermometer. There are times when an oral thermometer is not practical, due to the type of patient, the patient’s condition, or personal preference. For example, young children who have difficulty sitting still, or patients with sores in their mouth, are better served with an axillary thermometer. The Tempa•DOT™ Axillary thermometer is individually wrapped, and prevents against the spread of infections just as the other Tempa•DOT™ products do.
    £26.40 exc VAT
    £26.40 exc VAT Quickview